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Loans for Medical Professionals

For medical professionals, we bring decades of experience and knowledge about the loans and lending options that are created specifically for your career and profession. We offer access to our experience to help you find advantages.

Darin Yacopetti

Able Finance

“We understand what it means to be extremely busy so we minimise the requirement on our clients. Our approach is based on efficient briefings and our delivery of the lending options that give flexibility and offer the best opportunities based on their situation”

Your Loan Specialists

For busy medical professionals looking for the most effective options to borrow money, our processes are all about finding the best options, explaining the details and keeping everything simple and efficient for you.

Our focus is on structuring loans to give you financial benefit and we can help you manage debt to make sure that your future options remain open, flexible and full of potential.

Borrow & Save More

Our understanding of the range of products developed specifically for people with careers in the medical sector is extensive and often allows us to present options and benefits that our clients were not aware of before.

Your ability to borrow more and avoid the expense of mortgage insurance is generally higher. Did you know that medical and dental professionals can borrow up to 90% of a property’s value without needing mortgage insurance? At around 1.5% of the property value, this presents an opportunity to make significant savings over time.

Speak to us about your ambitions and objectives and we’ll find you the best opportunities to optimise your position with discounted interest rates, loan structure options, access to dedicated specialists and help with the application and approvals processes.

Darin Yacopetti

Able Finance

“For my brother and I, as business owners ourselves, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping another ambitious professionals start on the path of investing in their own business and taking the first steps on that exciting journey.”  

Business Loans & Commercial Property

Often, the medical professionals we work with have plans to start or grow their own business or consultancy. These are objectives and ambitions that we understand and respect ourselves. Our understanding of sophisticated finance options for medical businesses is here to help doctors, dentists, veterinarians, physiotherapists and any other professional in the medical sector.

If buying a practice is in your planning, we can guide you on how to lend against various securities to help you achieve that goal.


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